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  2. Our History Hangzhou Elite Machinery Co., Limited is a manufacturer of Auto Tools and Accessories.We have hundreds of partner factories to supply us Auto accessories products and we cooperate each other. Our factory located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang ,China. Since the company was founded in 2003, formerly known as Elite Machine Factory,Elite industry has been developed into one of the foremost players in the industry. Auto Tools and Accessories Hangzhou Elite Machinery Co., Limited is a former factory which made labor saving wrench and jack tools,and also organize many car accessories,air compressor for our customers, such as snow chains,wheel clamp,seat cushion,car mat,auto lamp,outdoor equipment,ect. We have hundreds of partner factories to supply us car accessories and we cooperate each other. What's more,we have a good sales team to serve you wholeheartedly. Auto Emergency Tool Kit With Booster Cables website:
  3. Our History Alien Outdoor Tools, a Yangjiang, China knife manufacturer of butterfly knives, Karambit, hunting knives, tactical knives, survival knives, pocket knives, utility knives, hand tools, and accessories, have been mainly engaged in the cutlery industry for over a decade. Both OEM and ODM products made in Mainland China have been well-operated maturely. In order to develop Alien Outdoor Tools services to new market, we started e-commerce on, and improved our service team to offer a better, faster, and easier way to satisfy customers anytime and anywhere.wholesale Kukri Machete website:
  4. Yangzhou Shengde Crafts Co., Ltd was established in 1978 as a professional manufacturer specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of engravable blank glass and crystal awards, trophies, promotional items, and corporate gifts. We've acquired ISO 9001 International Quality Certification and ISO 14001 International Environment Certification. We have been supporting our customers through US, Canada, Australia, Asian and European countries with high quality products and customer services.Flame Corporate Recognition Awards website:
  5. As its name suggests, corrosion resistant coating is applied to protect the substrates from the chemical or electrochemical attacks from the environment, which would otherwise cause various types of corrosion. The choice of coating depends on the type of material the substrate is made and the type of corrosion prevention needed. Chromium, copper, nickel and zinc are among the most widely used coating materials. Anodising is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. This is especially effective to protect aluminum although it is also possible for titanium, zinc, magnesium etc. As an expert in metal processing, Alfa-Sourcing is very familiar with various types of surface finishing not only to prevent corrosion but also to achieve desired aesthetic effect. Please email us at for a discussion. Metal Engineering Products website:
  6. Product Advantages: -- Aluminum sandwich panel cladding, after heating of high temperature of fluorocarbon resin, pigment and lipid solvent and then forming a layer of thin film on the surface of the panel, so as to be with extremely high weather resistant performance. -- Fluorocarbon coating is classified into two kinds: general fluorocarbon coating and Nano coating. Through two or three times treatment of painting and baking, it is with extra strong weather resistant and UV resistant performance. Anti acid, alkaline resistant, withstand bad weather conditions. Color and lustre can last above 15 years. -- There are a lot of usage of this panel cladding, like building exterior wall cladding, old building wall decoration reformation, balconies, shop face decoration, interior wall, ceilings, balconies, kitchen, bathroom, sign board, platforms and advertisement boards, tunnel and other industrial usages. -- We adopted A1100 or A3003 alloy, which is featured by rigid, lightweight, UV resistant for our door application, flat, smooth, uniform surface as well as easy fabricated, folded and formed. -- We have certification of GB/T17748-1999 standard and ISO9001,ISO14001.Thus, our product have best quality guarantee and after-sale service. -- Most importantly, various colors are available, according to customers' requirements. With high impact resistance and good plasticity, it can efficiently lightened burden for walls and strengthened impact resistance for constructions. What's more, after using this panel it is equipped with sound insulation, thermal resistance and fire retardant capability. Technical Parameters: ItemAluminum composite panel thickness (mm)Thickness of aluminum face plate Width (mm)Length (mm)Color Standard40.512202440Refer to color card or samples Optional 5,6 0.3~0.5900, 1250, 1500, 1650 <5800Pvdf Aluminum Composite Panel suppliers website:
  7. AKW Group Enterprise is a provider of diversified products with premium quality, top professional consultant and lowest price of resource access through our investors, Manufactures ,producing products professionally ,and AKW Group ‘s responsibility is to conduct the Management, Marketing Strategy ,Commercial business negotiation and solution-centric for the specific request from clients and customers. Our factories and products Cement: ZhenJiang DanTu YuanFa building material Co.,Ltd Steel Bridge :ZhenJiang Road Bridge Co.,Ltd Marchinery: ZhenJiang Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd Chemical Products: ZhenJiang Chemiaro Co.,Ltd Brushes for Civil use and Industrial use: ZhenJiang HairBrush Co.,Ltd Capacity: We meet the needs of an extensive depending on clients and customers by offering a broad range of product platform, which spans a growing selection of customized commercial and personal lines products. Responsibility: We continuously evaluate and respond to changing market dynamics so we can quickly address the evolving needs of our producers, effectively meet market challenges, and take advantage of emerging business opportunities. This practice enables us to adopt a demand-driven approach to product development that customized solutions and excellent service for our customers and clients. low price p.o 42.5 grade cement website:
  8. Series name: W Product characteristics: general pump double suction structure, flat in, vertical out, casting, Welding can be widely used in petrochemical, chemical, shipbuilding and other industries, conveying various viscosity Liquid. And can transport gas containing liquid. Flow M3 / HX: max.2000 Pressure difference: max.4.0 Rpm max. 1800 Working temperature (C = max.350) Medium viscosity Installation: horizontal installationDouble Screw Pump in stock website:
  9. The standard cylinder refers to the cylinder whose functions and specifications are commonly used, whose structure is easy to manufacture, and whose manufacturer usually supplies it to the market as a general product. DNC ISO6431 standard double acting air cylinder is the pressure of compressed air can be converted into mechanical energy of an executive element, so that the driving mechanism for linear reciprocating motion, swing and rotation movement. Common standard DNC series cylinder is the most widely used pneumatic actuator in pneumatic system, suitable for all walks of life, the automatic drilling machine in the machinery manufacturing industry is used in the DNC standard cylinder. Parameter: Main feature: 1. DNC standard cylinder can work normally in the state without oil feeding. The mode of action is compound type, with piston structure. The piston may or may not be magnetic. Highest use pressure is 1.0 MPa, suitable temperature range for - 20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, buffer way as the elastic cushion. 2. DNC standard cylinder standardization degree is very high, cylinder shape and installation connection size in line with international standards and standards of many countries, different brands of cylinder interchange more convenient. In terms of performance design, by replacing relevant parts, a series of functions can be extended, which is more convenient in practical application.Linear Pneumatic Cylinder website:
  10. ◆Our History The company was founded in 2012. ◆Our Factory Zhejiang AKMK Automation Co., Ltd. was established in Zhejiang, China. It has gradually grown into one of the world's professional high-quality mixing station accessories developers and manufacturers in the vast market. It has R&D centers, manufacturing bases and inventory centers in China. And service center. It has a variety of advanced CNC machining equipment and testing equipment, and the products have been approved after use in various industries. The company's products are widely used in concrete mixing plants, solid bulk conveying machinery, power stations, cement plants, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, natural gas, metallurgy, light industry, filling equipment, water treatment and environmental protection. The company has been regarded as the most satisfied supplier by users for many years. ◆Our Product Butterfly valve, actuator, reducer, warehouse top dust collector, pressure safety valve, fluidizer, conveyor accessories. ◆Product Application Concrete mixing plant, conveying machinery, cement plant, mining plant. ◆Production Equipment JN9000 CNC machining center, CNC lathe. ◆Production Market India, Arabia, Europe. ◆Our ExhibitionsPinch Valves Control Panel Free Sample website:
  11. Product Description ItemSoccer Jersey 1.MaterialPolyester/spandex,Polyester-cotton,Nylon-cotton,Spandex-cotton,Modal,100%Polyester 2.Size Free Sizes 3.ColorAny color is available 4.LogoSublimation Printing, Heat Press, Silk Printing, Embroidery, etc 5.MOQ200pcs 6.Sample time7~15working days 7.OEMOEM custom service 8.DeliveryDHL ,UPS ,EMS ,Fedex ,By sea Our design team of professionals, uses the latest computer Aided Design(CAD) service, to adapt an existing design from our range, by adding or removing features to fit your personal requirements or create a unique concept just for you, or from your own ideas, or by using our vast design experience. CERTIFICATE More Products Factory show FAQ 1.Q:What terms you are dealing with? A:EXW,FOB,C&F,normally is EXW term,for order amount less than$5000 ,then additional $300 will be charged for FOB term. 2.Q:Do you manufacture noted sports brand or clubs?like Nike,Adidas,Bacelona,Liverpool...? A:We only customized under customers’own brand,for those famous sports brand and clubs will need the official authorization for manufacturing. If you have any questions ,please don’t hesitate to contact us. Have a nice day! Soccer Jersey website:
  12. Shenzhen ASTA Co.,Ltd. a été créée en 2004. En 2009, la marque Astar était née. Astar se concentre sur le développement et la vente de cartouches de toner compatibles et de cartouches de toner pour copieurs de haute qualité. Il dispose d'un parc industriel de 35 000 mètres carrés et de plus de 710 employés. Avec 18 lignes de production et de nouveaux emballages, nous avons atteint la capacité mensuelle de 600 000 cartouches de toner et de cartouches de toner et 1 million de consommables. À l'heure actuelle, deux marques d'ASTA et d'ACO ont leur siège à Shenzhen et ont ouvert avec succès six succursales au Arabie saoudite, au Mexique, à Dubaï, au Myanmar, en Colombie, au Vietnam. Plus de 90 agents de marque ASTA & ACO. Notre force technique, notre équipement de test avancé, notre structure organisationnelle professionnelle et performante et notre excellente philosophie de gestion nous ont permis d'établir une relation de coopération stable et à long terme avec nos partenaires et d'accroître continuellement notre part de marché à l'étranger. Nous valorisons la satisfaction du client et l'innovation continue. Nous nous sommes engagés à mettre en place une solution unique : solutions d’imprimante et de consommables pour imprimantes à codes à barres. Le champ d'activité principal comprend les imprimantes laser, les copieurs et les consommables pour imprimantes à jet d'encre, les cartouches de toner, les imprimantes à rubans, thermiques et à transfert thermique, les rubans, le papier pour étiquettes, les rubans pour étiquettes, les cartes de nettoyage, etc. Largement utilisé dans les banques, les hôpitaux, les écoles, les administrations publiques, les entreprises, les usines, les ménages, la vente au détail, les entrepôts, la logistique, les vêtements, la poste, les divertissements, la fabrication, les textiles, etc. Nous nous engageons à fournir à nos partenaires des solutions précieuses et professionnelles.
  13. Shenzhen ASTA Co.,Ltd. foi fundada em 2004. Em 2009, nasceu a marca Astar. A Astar concentra-se na produção, pesquisa e venda de cartuchos de toner compatíveis e cartuchos de pó para copiadora de alta qualidade. Possui um parque industrial de 35.000 metros quadrados e mais de 710 funcionários. Com 18 linhas de produção e novas embalagens, atingimos a capacidade mensal de 600.000 cartuchos de toner e cartuchos de pó e 1 milhão de consumíveis. Atualmente, duas marcas da ASTA & ACO estão sediadas em Shenzhen e entraram com sucesso em seis filiais em México, Dubai, Mianmar, Colômbia, Arábia Saudita, Vietnã. Há mais de 90 agentes da marca ASTA & ACO. Nós temos a força técnica forte, equipamentos de teste avançados, estrutura organizacional profissional e eficiente e filosofia de gestão excelente. Nós estabelecemos um relacionamento a longo prazo e estável da cooperação com nossos sócios e expandimos continuamente a quota do mercado extrangeira. Valorizamos a satisfação do cliente e a inovação contínua. Cartucho fotosensível de qualidade e rolo de carregamento, compatível com revestimento fotosensível, excelente resistência ao desgaste, impressão clara e excelente resolução; o rolo de carregamento pode adaptar-se à baixa humidade e alta humidade para manter a exportação.
  14. ShenZhen ASTA Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. Asta brand born in 2009. Asta focus on the R&D and sales of high quality compatible toner cartridges and copier toner cartridges. The production industry area is 35,000sqm, currently has 710 employees and workers. 18 production and packaging line could make 600,000 toner cartridges and copier cartridges even 1 million consumable accessories every month. Our marketing sales are mainly on domestic market, Asia,Europe,America and Africa etc fields. The main brands ASTA and ACO head office located in Shenzhen China. Built 6 oversea branches in Mexico, Dubai, Myanmar,Colombia, Saudi, Vietnam . has more than 90 ASTA and ACO brand agents around the world. We are committed to one stop imaging solution: namely printer and barcode printer consumable office supplies solution. Including Laser toner cartridges, copier toner cartridges, ink cartridges, refill ink, printer ribbon, thermal printer and thermal transfer printer, label papers, label tape cassette and cleaning cards etc. The toner cartridge is a copying consumable product for use in a multifunction copying machine and a laser printer, and belongs to a toner adding device on a laser printing cartridge. It has a very important position for the entire inkjet printer. Current printer consumables can be broadly classified into three categories: ribbons, inkjets, and lasers. The toner cartridge contains toner, a small, dry plastic granule, a mixture of carbon and black or other colorant that forms the actual image on the paper. The toner is transferred onto the paper by a static-charged drum unit, and the paper is melted onto the paper by a heating roller during printing. The toner cartridges we offer are compatible and can be used with a wide range of printers. We're professional toner cartridge manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing high quality products. We warmly welcome you to wholesale bulk toner cartridge from our factory.
  15. ООО «ASTA Шэньчжэнь» была основана в 2004 году. В 2009 году появился бренд «ASTA», который фокусируется на разработке и продаже высококачественных совместимых тонер-картриджей и бункеров для тонера копировальных аппаратов. Компания имеет индустриальный парк с площадью 35 000 квадратных метров, более 710 сотрудников, 18 производственных и упаковочных линий, с которыми наш ежемесячный объем выпуска достигает 600 000 тонер-картриджей и бункеров тонера, миллиона запчастей расходных материалов и запчасти. В настоящее время штаб-квартира бренда «ASTA» и «ACO» установлена в городе Шэньчжэнь, в то же время открыты 6 филиалов в Мексика, Дубай, Мьянма, Колумбия, Саудовская Аравия, Вьетнам. Сегодня у нас более 90 агентов бренда «ASTA» и «ACO». С сильней технической силой, ведущими испытательными оборудованиями, профессиональной и эффективной организационной структурой, отличной философией управления, мы создали долгосрочные и стабильные отношения сотрудничества с нашими партнерами и постоянно расширяем долю рынка за рубежом. Мы ценим удовлетворенность клиентов и постоянные инновации. Мы стремимся к решению «Одна станция» – расходные материалы принтеров и принтеров штрих-кодов. Основным направлением деятельности компании: расходные материалы для лазерных принтеров, копировальных аппаратов и струйных принтеров – тонер-картриджи, чернила и тонер-ленты; расходные материалы для термальных и термопереносных принтеров – тонер-лены, этикетки, ленты для печати, лезвия очистки и т.д. Наши продукции широко используются в банках, больницах, школах, государственных учреждениях, предприятиях, фабриках, домашних хозяйствах, розничной торговле, складах, логистике, одежде, почтовом отделении, развлечениях, производстве, текстиле и т. д. Мы отдадим силы в предоставление нашим партнерам ценные и профессиональные решения.
  16. ShenZhen ASTA Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. Asta brand born in 2009. Asta focus on the R&D and sales of high quality compatible toner cartridges and copier toner cartridges. The production industry area is 35,000sqm, currently has 510 employees and workers. 18 production and packaging line could make 60,000 toner cartridges and copier cartridges even 1 million consumable accessories every month. Our marketing sales are mainly on domestic market, Asia, Europe, America and Africa etc fields. The main brands ASTA and ACO head office located in Shenzhen China. Built 6 oversea branches in Mexico, Dubai, Myanmar, Colombia, Saudi , Vietnam. Has more than 90 ASTA and ACO brand agents around the world. We are committed to one stop imaging solution: namely printer and barcode printer consumable office supplies solution. Including Laser toner cartridges, copier toner cartridges, ink cartridges, refill ink , printer ribbon, thermal printer and thermal transfer printer, label papers, label tape cassette and cleaning cards etc. Label is one of the printing materials that it is made of high-quality materials that it is durable with long service life. And it has strong viscosity which is waterproof that it can be used outdoors and indoors. And it is light in weight and small dimension that it is portable, quite easy to move and carry. The label is able to make the prints keep for a long time that it never fade. And it is a kind of green products that it is environmentally friendly that it contains no harmful substances, harmless to the nature and the human body. It is also available to provide the customized service that the label can be made based on your requirements. The label is of superior quality since it is made by our company with own factory which is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. And we are able to provide the wholesale service that you can get the label with reasonable price. It is a good choice no matter you use at home or in the office.
  17. Shenzhen ASTA Co.,Ltd. se estableció en 2004. En 2009, nació la marca Astar. Astar se centra en el desarrollo y venta de cartuchos de tóner compatibles de alta calidad y cajas de tóner de copiadora. Cuenta con un parque industrial de 35.000 metros cuadrados y más de 710 empleados. Con 18 líneas de producción y nuevo empaque, hemos alcanzado la capacidad mensual de 600,000 cartuchos de tóner y cajas de tóner y 1 millón de consumibles. En la actualidad, dos marcas de ASTA & ACO tienen su sede en Shenzhen y han ingresado con éxito a seis sucursales en México, Dubai, Myanmar, Colombia, Arabia Saudita, Vietnam. Más de 90 agentes de la marca ASTA & ACO. Tenemos una sólida capacidad técnica, equipos de prueba avanzados, una estructura organizativa profesional y eficiente y una excelente filosofía de gestión. Hemos establecido una relación de cooperación estable y de largo plazo con nuestros socios y ampliamos continuamente la participación en el mercado exterior. Valoramos la satisfacción del cliente y la innovación continua. Estamos comprometidos con una solución integral: soluciones de consumibles para impresoras e impresoras de códigos de barras. El ámbito comercial principal incluye impresoras láser, copiadoras y consumibles para impresoras de inyección de tinta, cartuchos de tóner, tinta, cinta de tóner, impresoras de transferencia térmica y térmica, cinta, papel de etiquetas, cintas de etiqueta, tarjetas de limpieza, etc. Ampliamente utilizado en bancos, hospitales, escuelas, gobierno, empresas, fábricas, hogares, comercio minorista, almacén, logística, ropa, oficina de correos, entretenimiento, manufactura, textiles, etc. Estamos comprometidos a proporcionar a nuestros socios soluciones valiosas y profesionales. El cartucho de tóner generalmente se compone de un sustrato básico hecho de aluminio y un material fotosensible recubierto sobre el sustrato, que determina la calidad de la impresión. Diseño independiente, gran relleno de polvo, nuevos accesorios, buena compatibilidad, gran versatilidad, protección ambiental, 100% inspección, el efecto de la salida puede compararse con la original
  18. تأسست شركة أستا بمدينة شنتشن(ذ.م.م) في عام 2004، في عام 2009 ، ولدت العلامة التجارية أستا. تركز شركة أستا على انتاج وتطوير وتسويق خراطيش الحبر المتفاوقة العالية الجودة و علبة مسحوق الحبر للناسخة. تتمتع الشركة بمساحته 35000 متر مربع من المجمع الصناعي وأكثر من 710 موظف و18 خطوط الإنتاج والتغليف ، وتبلغ قدرة الاناج الشهرية إلى 600 ألف من خراطيش الحبر وعلبات مسحوق حبر ومليون من اللوازم. في الوقت الحاضر ، تتم اقامة مقر ASTA & ACO في شنتشن ، وقد تم تأسيس 6 الشركات الفرعية في المكسيك ودبي وميانمار وكولومبيا والمملكة العربية السعودية وفيتنام العربية. ويزداد عدد وكلاء علامات ASTA&ACO عن 90. ونتمتع بقوة التقنية القوية ومعدات الاختبار المتقدمة والهيكل التنظيمي المتخصص وفلسفة الإدارة الممتازة. لقد تم تأسيس العلاقة التعاونية طويلة الأمد ومستقرة مع شركائنا لاستمرار توسيع حصص الأسواق الأجنبية. اضافة الى ذلك، نهتم برضا الزبائن والابتكار المستمر نسعى الى مشروع الحلول الشاملة لمرة واحدة: حلول الطابعات و المواد الاستهلاكية لطابعات الباكورد. تتناول الأعمال الرئيسية الى طابعات الليزر والناسخات ومستلزمات طابعات inkjet وخراطيش الحبر والحبر والشرائط وطابعات النقل بالحراري والطابعات الحرارية والشرائط وأوراق الملصقات وشرائط التسمية وبطاقات التنظيف وما إلى ذلك. وتستخدم على نطاق واسع في البنوك والمستشفيات والمدارس والحكومات والشركات والمصانع والبيوت والمستودعات وتجارة التجزئة والخدمات اللوجستية والملابس ومكاتب البريد والترفيه وصناعة الانتاج وصناعة الغزل والنسيج وغيرها. نسعى الى تقديم الحلول القيمة والمتخصصة لشركائنا.
  19. Shenzhen ASTA Co., Ltd.was founded in 2004. Asta brand born in 2009. Asta focus on the R&D and sales of high quality compatible toner cartridges and copier toner cartridges. The production industry area is 35,000sqm, currently has 510 employees and workers. 18 production and packaging line could make 60,000 toner cartridges and copier cartridges even 1 million consumable accessories every month. Our marketing sales are mainly on domestic market, Asia,Europe,America and Africa etc fields. The main brands ASTA and ACO head office located in Shenzhen China. Built 6 oversea branches in Mexico, Dubai, Myanmar,Colombia, Saudi, Vietnam. Has more than 90 ASTA and ACO brand agents around the world. A toner cartridge, which is also called laser toner, is the consumable component of a laser printer. Toner cartridges contain high quality toner powder with uniform particles and high blackness which is able to provide the clear prints with sharp black texts as well as vibrant pictures which can accurately show the documents. As a professional and reliable manufacturer and supplier of toner cartridge in China, our company is available to provide the premium toner cartridge with stable, consistent and excellent printing quality. And it is convenient to install with simple operation. After long-term research by our technological team, our company is capable to provide various compatible toner cartridges which can work well with the printers of the following brands, such as Sharp, Xerox, Oki, Dell, Hp and so on. It is compatible with the printers that it won’t do harms to the machine. It is available to provide the wholesale service that you can get the toner cartridge with competitive price from our factory. Compared with the original one, it is much cheaper with the same performance, which is cost effective.
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  21. Principle of Treatment HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a non-invasive ultrasound directly acting on the SMAS layer. High intensity focused ultrasound technology is an ultrasonic surgical technology, the ultrasonic energy source, using its penetrating and focusing ultrasonic issued to human SMAS layers, forming a sound intensity higher region--the focal region within SMAS, but thorough subcutaneous 1.5mm, 3.0mm-4.5mm make the SMAS organization in the 0.5-second temperature up to 65 degree resulting in the SMAS organization of collagen recombination without damage to normal tissue, so as to enhance the effect of fascia. Now we develop the 8.0 and 13.0mm for body treatment, which is the same principle as face. High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive therapeutic technology that uses ultrasonic waves to heat tissue. HIFU can be used to increase the flow of blood or lymph, or to destroy tissue, such as tumors, through a number of mechanisms. The technology can be used to treat a range of skin problems, such as wrinkle removal, face lifting, skin rejuvenation, skin firming, etc DS-1.5 which transmit high-energy focused ultrasound to the epidermis tissue, the ultrasound to penetrate the skin to a depth of 1.5mm, for activating the skin epidermis in thinner tissue. such as eye zone. 1.5mm is for the treatment around eyes and forehead. DS-3.0 which transmitting high frequency focused ultrasound energy into the dermis layer of the skin tissue, the ultrasound to penetrate the skin to a depth of 3.0mm, for activating the skin’s dermal layer of collagen, mainly for the chin, chest treatment, 3.0mm is for the treatment on face. DS-4.5 which transmit high- energy focused ultrasound to the skin, subcutaneous tissue, the ultrasound to penetrate the skin to a depth of 4.5mm,direct subcutaneous SMAS layer, targeted to thicker skin, such as cheeks,neck, etc. 4.5mm is for the treatment on neck. DS-13.0/8.0 high intensity focused ultrasound activating in depth of 13mm/8.0mm. targeted to thicker skin, such as thighs, buttocks. 8.0&13.0 for the treatment on body. Outstanding Advantages 1. Protable and light to save shipping cost 2. For home use, salon or movable spa. 3. Quick results 4. Each cartridge highly to 10000shots, 5. Five cartridges for body and face to treat different areas. 6. Immediate effect 7.100% positive feedbacks from the buyers 8. Affordable price Technical Parameters Power 350W Voltage 110-240V, 50/60Hz Shots 9990 / each head Number of heads 3/5 Energy type HIFU 4MHz&7Mhz&10MHz distance 1.5/3.0 and 4.5 is 1.0-1.6mm (8.0 and 13.0 is1.0-2.2mm) Length 5mm-25 mm ( 5.0 mm step ) Energy output 1.5mm : 0.1-0.4J/cm2 3.0mm : 0.1-0.75J/cm2 4.5mm : 0.30-1.2J/cm2 8.0mm : 0.90-2.1J/cm2 13.0 mm : 0.90-2.1J/cm2 Depth 1.5mm ,3mm,4.5mm,8.0mm,13.0mmCustomized Hifu Machine website:
  22. Description: 70W Tri proof Light are available for 1.5m/5FT. Product Details: Model No.Color TemperatureLuminous EfficiencyBeam AngleWattageVoltage 50/60hzSize (Mm)Energy Label TP-15704F3000K-6000K150LM/W140°70W200-240VL1566A+++ Installation: Ceiling and Hanging Features: Driver: Lifud & BOKE Chips: Epstar Certificate: SAA, iPART, CE, ROHS, LM79, LM80, LCP, TM-21. High Efficiency, Super Efficiency 150LM/W. Easy installation with fast connection. Material: PC cover + PC base IP65, IK09, Water-Proof, Dust-Proof, Dam-Proof, Vapor-Proof Applications: Hot Tags: 70W Tri proof Batten, Factory, ODM&OEM, Tri proof Light, Supplier.LED Tri Proof Batten for sale website:
  23. kids raincoat lightweight special Sex: product advantages Rain Poncho,iDeep 2pack EVA Lightweight Reusable Raincoat Emergency Poncho Rain Wear for Kids Children Toddler with Drawstring Hood and Sleeve for Traveling Camping Suitable Height 3.7 Ft to 4.5 Ft kids raincoat lightweight Umbrella factory Our factory equipment professional, complete. Improve the management system, strict quality control system. To ensure stable and reliable quality. Each order can be on time, according to quality, by volume to complete. Coupled with a lean, high-quality business team, give every guest satisfaction services. Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad calls, the communication negotiations, I sincerely invite you to Xiamen, to visit my company guidance. kids raincoat lightweight FAQ: sample time and charge we offer samples, if no logo, sample time 3day. sample free. if with your logo, sample time 7-10 days, sample charge from USD20-USD150, depend on logo detaills. sample charge can be refundable after order confirmed. FOB port From Xiamen Payment Conditions: we accept 30% deposit, balance against BL copy for sea shipment. L/C accepted after bank confirmed.Raincoat website:
  24. Our History Founded in 2007, international sales began from 2018. Our Factory Hangzhou Joyan Technology Co., Ltd., has been in the field of Pearlescent Pigment for more than 10 years. Our products has been widely used in cosmetics,coating, plastic, ink, leather, paper-making and etc. and, with satisfy color effect. At present, our products range as follow: Silver white series Interference series Golden lustre series Iron dioxide Metallic lustre series Recolored series Crystal glitter effect series Diamond glitter effect series Color change chameleon series High chroma series Glitter flakes series All of our products are with industrial grade and cosmetic grade,the heavy metals and microorganism of cosmetic grade, is conforming to FDA and EU standards. We will keep providing with right products at competitive price, flexible and innovate solution, to address various customer’s needs and wants. Our Product Pearlescent pigment, glitter flakes Product Application Color cosmetics, personal care, coating, pakaging, plastic, printing etc. Our Certificate FDA standard Production Equipment Grinding, classification, washing, hydrolysis, sieving Production Market Mainly for China market for color cosmetics, 2018 annual is 2 million USD. Our service Free samples before order is available, feedback within 24 hours.Diamond Effect Pearl Pigment factory website:
  25. easy installation, waterproof shockproof moisture-proof effect, impact resistance and other functions, in electronic products, craft gifts, glass products, inflammable fragile parts, construction industry, suitable for the protection of large size heavy product packaging, do bag or sheet. Shockproof, thermal insulation, good plasticity, toughness, recycling, strong impact and many other advantages, but also has a good anti chemical properties, is an ideal alternative to traditional packaging materials. Design for container transportation. Isolation, the internal temperature of the dangerous goods from the peak, in the course of transportation. 2 can be used in many industries, including cosmetics, Wine, food and beverage, automotive, plastics, chemicals, electronics and computing. Also used as a cover for bicycle, boat cover, car cover, cover truck, truck tarpaulin, garbage cover, steel sheet, wood cover. It can make our goods to avoid moisture damage. This point for the food, chemical material is especially important, therefore, in order to make the quality of our products in the transport process, consistent from beginning to end, the use of container pallet bag is a good way. Second: it can better protect our products from high temperatures. We know that if our container in the transportation, if we do not take any insulation measures, it will easily lead to deterioration of our products, and then, if we can use the container pallet bag, it will be a very good protective effect on our products. Third: play a buffer role. During the transportation of goods, the most afraid of is damaged during transport collision and products, if we use the container pallet bag, is able to prevent this kind of accident, so as to ensure our products look good, quality as one. Characteristic1.Warm-keeping and energy-saving 2.Clean easy and safe to use 3.Light weight 4.Multi-functions for insulation and package 5.100% RECYCLE 6.Vibration-proof; Push-proof; Water-proof 7.Absorb sound, reduce noice 8.Cushioning function 9.Anti-flaming Application1. Heat insulation and light inflecting in construction and protection for both cold water and hot water pipe 2. Heat insulation and sound absorption and noise reduction for car,train, refrigerator car and laboratory; moisture proof cushion for travelling 3. Packing for special products and cold storageChina Epe Foam Sheet manufacturers website:
  26. Our History Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. was founded in Dece 2005 ,the group have our own 21 subsidiaries.The registered capital is two hundred and ten million RMB,subsidiaries are mainly located in Tianjin, Ji'nan, Rizhao, Shan xian.Company has a staff of more than 2100 people include R & D technical personnel 52 people(doctor and Master). Our Factory Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. is a collection of plaster , medical equipment, cosmetics, health food, drug development production and sales of real estate development, biological reagents, logistics distribution, large-scale integrated enterprise group enterprise training as a whole. Our Product Company of group of electricity supplier marketing in Shandong Industrial Park, Shanxian food and drug production, processing, logistics and distribution in one Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group Health Industry park,covering an area of 560 acres,products involved in industrial parks are:cosmetics, health food, medical dressing and medical polymer material, antibaterial dressings, safety syringe, safety indwelling needle, venous infusion apparatus, catheterization set, vacuum blood collection vessel, disposable uterine cavity tissue suction tube,Chitosan liquid wound dressing, nasal feeding tube, stomach tube, medical surgical mask, in vitro diagnostic reagents and sanitary disinfection products。At present, there are more than 100 series more than 300 varieties。The company reached more than 300 products strive before “2020 “year,to reach the strategic goal of 7 billion yuan of scale capacity;The modernization of production,standardization of quality and standardization of management have been realized.The management of the group company’s operation philosophy is taking credit as the foundation, live by quality, strict governance、doing business with morality,we have gathered a variety of distingishes men ,carry out the development strategy of famous brand, big variety, big marketing and mass production。We would build a efficient and civilized, harmonious new Zhushi group. Product Application Company products are mainly used in the medical patch industry, cosmetics, skin care industry, medical device industry and health care products industry. Our Certificate Group company has import and export license, electronic ports and entry-exit inspection and quarantine inspection enterprise approval procedures,and the 13485 certification issued by the British authorities,which has passed CE and FDA certification,Establish quality management system according to ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards,strictly regulate the production process,use CP, MSA, 5S and other management concepts to strengthen the control of product quality. Group company was named the best innovation brand of Chinese Enterprises、Chinese health industry innovation enterprise,Excellent management of national enterprise、National consumer trustworthy AAA brand enterprises、China integrity brand、China health industry top ten brand、National medical equipment industry , influence integrity brand、Shandong health care industry vice president unit、Shan dong quality integrity AAA grade brand enterprises、Shandong high- tech enterprises、Shandong consumer satisfaction units、Shandong Province intellectual property demonstration enterprise、Shandong province contract and trustworthy unit、Shandong science and technology research project undertaking unit、People's daily director unit、Heze mayor Quality Award,Group company has sixteen invention patents,the utility model patent seventy-six,famous trademark of Shandong Province. Production Equipment Automatic bagging machine, automatic lamination machine, automatic packing machine, Germany Heidelberg printing machine, automatic bag making machine, corrugated pipe production equipment, vertical packaging machine, aseptic coating machine etc. Production Market The current market is mainly distributed in the China mainland, Europe, Asia Pacific, The Belt and Road countries, from 2015 to 2017 the average annual domestic sales amounted to 100 million yuan, the average annual gross sales in Europe and the United States 1 billion euro, Asia Pacific annual sales amounted to 48 million yuan, The Belt and Road national sales gross area 500 million yuan. Our service Pre-sale service/ We can furnish customers with timely and customized services of OEM/ODM. After-sale service/ For further information,please contact our enthusiastic sales personnel, We will offer 24 hours service to you !Medical Tape website: website2:
  27. 3 inch WQD Sewage Pump Information: Model No.: 80WQ40-13-2.2 Place of Origin:Taizou Brand Name: Fuwa Usage: Water Outlet Size: 3 inch Outlet: Cast Iron Standard or Nonstandard: Standard Application: Household, Grassland animal husbandry, Mining, Drain off dirty water Material:Cast Iron head, aluminum motorhouse Warranty: 1 Year Certificate: CE, UL, ISO14001,GB/T2800 Water head:13 m Power: 2.2kw / 3.0HP Wire: 100% copper Voltage: 380V Motor: AC Motor Insulation Class: B ( Class F if required ) Cable:8 m / 10m / 30m, or as requested Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: Plastic Bag, Instruction, Carton Delivery Time: 20 to 30 days Product Profile Product Advantages 1. Professional A. Produce well pump more than 18 years B. Test every pump before packing 2. High quality with competitive price A. Adopt ceramic sand control technology and wide voltage technology B. 100% copper wire C. 100 testing system D. Easy installation and disassembly without tools E. The motor startsup low voltage and the current is far less than traditional hardware startup technology 3. Professional customer service A. Professional international trade sales team B. 1 year warranty with technology support Certificate FAQ Q:Are you a manufacturer or trading company? A:We are submersible water pump manufacturer. Fuwa is Chinese famous brand of deep well pumps. Q: Can Produce goods as OEM? A: Yes Q: How many years in deep well pump trade? A: since 2000 Q: How many year to export? A: 5 years Q:What is your company's management philosophy? A:Create wealth, pursue wisdom, improve life, mutual benefit and win-win Q:Do you have an independent brand? A:Fuwa is our own brand3 Inch Sewage Pump Made in China website:
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