AWE5 Multimode Version 2.5

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Changelog 2.5:


- Vehicle Support (Better MG animations, health and more)
- Binoculars
- Spotting Feature for use with Binoculars (using USE key)
- Dvar to disable console on Clients
- Tripwires (with multi-options)
- Turret Overheating options


- Fixed an issue where Molotov/Sticky/Flare nade were not given out
- Reduced size of icons/text for Team Status / Bottom prints
- Some issues in Force Weapon mode
- An issue with drop grenade primary
- Removed/Added/Tweaked some of the weapon sounds
- Some minor code improvements

Dvar Added:

set awe_disableClientConsole

set awe_spotting_distance
set awe_spotting_print
set awe_spotting_units
set awe_spotting_shout
set awe_spotting_ping
set awe_spotting_ping_time

set awe_disallow_turret
set awe_turretoverheat
set awe_turretoverheat_heatrate
set awe_turretoverheat_coolrate

set awe_tripwire
set awe_tripwire_limit
set awe_tripwire_warning
set awe_tripwire_plant_time
set awe_tripwire_warning
set awe_tripwire_pick_time_sameteam
set awe_tripwire_pick_time_otherteam

set awe_panzer4_health
set awe_t34_health
set awe_sherman_health
set awe_panther_health
set awe_tiger_health
set awe_halftrack_health
set awe_truckusa_health


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