8 Heating Zone Relow Oven Made in China

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E Series Lead Free Reflow Oven Products Introduction:
E series lead-free reflow oven SMTfly’s mature product after years of market testing.E Series Reflow oven has maintained a larger share of the market for many years. Its unparalleled heating performance and temperature control system meets the requirements of various welding processes, It is SMTfly’s crystallization of years technical research and development. E Series Lead-free reflow is high-end reflow products committed to keeping up with market demand to enhance customers competitiveness.Its new design concept fully meets the needs of increasingly diverse processes, And considering the future direction of the industry, entirely suitable for communications, automotive electronics, home appliances, computers and other consumer electronic products .
E Series Lead Free Reflow Oven Features:
1.Control System: PC + Siemens PLC control system,accurate temperature control and more stable,ensures temperature stability rate to be more than 99.99%.
2.Hot air system: first-class heating module, the best temperature zone interval design makes optimum temperature uniformity and repeat.The effective utilization and thermal compensation efficiency,it needs less than 20 minutes from temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃ ambient temperature to a temperature stabilization .
3.Monitoring Software:Windows interface, traditional and simplified Chinese and English online free switch, and operator password management, easy to operate.Operation records, temperature curve measurement and analysis functions, virtual simulation, fault self-diagnosis, process monitoring, automatic generate and save process control documents, substrate transport dynamic display.
4.Cooling System: new cooling zone, quick and easy adjustment, easily reach the cooling requirements of different slopes. 5.Temperature protection:SMTfly using third-party over-temperature protection, multiple layers protection to ensure safe operation. 6.Products comply with CE, CCC, UL , other standards and specifications.
7.User-friendly design: fault detection (such as heaters abnormal alarm, etc.), regular maintenance reminders, the economy functions and tool-free maintenance, reducing equipment failure rates.
8.Heating module: Transverse reflow design makes temperature from each zone is not influenced by neibour to ensure accurate temperature curve, while ensuring a high production capacity and heat exchange capacity to achieve high adaptability (to meet the soldering of automotive, communications, electronics, computers and mobile phones consumer electronics.)
9.Hot air motor with independently inverter controlled, set operating frequencies depending on different technology to meet a variety of lead-free processes.
10. Machine using zero gas source design, furnace cover with motor lifting, safety rod support, providing significant security. 11.Main parts:Imported main parts ensure equipment runs smoothly and lower the maintenance cost.
12. Customers can choose optional flux processing system according to their own production features to ensure furnace chamber clean. 13.Closed-loop transmission speed control systems, transportation accuracy ± 2mm / min, ensuring more stable transmission speed. 14.Central support, dual transmission, external water cooling system is optional.
Lead Free Reflow Oven for LED Strip LED Large Size E Series TOP Advantage:
1.Simple: combined with advanced international concepts, based on the Oriental-designed operating system, easy to understand, easy to learn, easy to maintain.
2.Expertise: learn imported reflow oven’s advanced design concepts, and the machine core components are using imported top brands.
3.Hedging: Import hardware configuration,low failure rate in production,more than a decade service life.
4.Safety: Based on the general rules of international design, close to imported reflow rating, the highest security level.
5.Stable: mature software, hardware and top production processes ensures stability of each equipment.
E Series Lead Free Reflow Oven with High Quality Pictures:
1.Transportation system and rectifying plate structure

2.Chamber and high temperature structure parts

Specification of SMT Reflow Soldering Machine:
Specifications E8 E10 Specifications E8 E10
Dimension (L*W*H)mm 5310x1353x1490 6100x1353x1490 Ups S
Standard Color Computer Grey Conveyor Direction L→R (Option: R→L)
Weight Approx.2150KG Approx.2400KG Computer Lenovo
Number Of Heating Zones Up8/Bottom8 Up10/Bottom10 Max.Width Of PCB 400mm
Length Of Heating Zones 3121mm 3891mm Temperature Deviation ± 1.0℃
Rail Width Adjustment M(option:A) Length Of Cooling Zones 600mm
Exhaust Volume 10M3/minx2 Exhausts Center Support 0
Control System PLC+Computer Temperature Control Precision 40℃
Temperature Control Method PID + SSR Max. Temp. Gap Between Preheat Zones
Transmission Agent Chain + Mesh Temperature Alarm S
Electric Supply Required 3phase,380V 50/60Hz Siemens PLC S
Power For Warm Up 30KW 36KW Lubrication Auto-Afflux S
Power Consumption 8KW 12KW On Line Editing S
Warming Time Approx.25 minute Temp. Thermocouple Slot S
Temp. Setting Range Room Temp.-- 300℃ Rail Number 1 Lane
Conveyor Height 900+/-20mm Components Clearance Top/ Bottom is 25mm
Conveyor Speed Range 300~2000mm/mi Number of Cooling Zones 2
Fixed Rail Side Front Fixed(Option:Rear Fixed) Process Data & Status Storage S
Cooling Method Forced-Air Motor and fan (Standard) Max.Temp.Gap Between Pre & Refl Zone 80℃
Configuration: SMTfly reflow oven configuration list
Item Name Brand Note Item Name Brand Note
1 Computer Lenovo China 11 Binding post Phoenix USA
2 Display Lenovo China 12 Light button Schneider France
3 PLC Siemens Germany 13 Buzzer Koino Korea
4 Solid relay Carlogavazzi Switzerland 14 Frequency converter Delta Taiwan
5 Relay base Carlogavazzi Switzerland 15 Solid replay Schneider/ France
6 Contactor Schneider France 16 Fuse DELIXI China
7 Wire Jin Longyu China 17 Button Schneider France
8 Air switch DELIXI China 18 Emergency Button Schneider France
9 Power Supply MW Taiwan 19 UPS STK USA
10 Switch for light Yamatake Japan 20 T-color light Dahong China
Item Name Brand Note Item Name Brand Note
1 Transmission motor Panasonic Japan 10 High Temp. Wire Hotset Germany
2 High Temp. Motor Sanyue Taiwan 11 Cooling motor Sanyue Taiwan
3 Heating wire Hotset Germany 12 Cooling fan Sanyue Taiwan
4 High temperature fan Sanyue Taiwan 13 Fan Jianzhun Taiwan
5 Guide rail SMTfly China 14 Mesh TSUBAKI Japan
6 Chain KMC Taiwan 15 High temp. adhesive tape Xinyue Japan
7 Chian shackle KMC Taiwan 16 Gear box Panasonic Japan
8 Heat cotton RockWool Germany 17 Rotary drum TSUBAKI Japan
9 Magnetic valve AIRTAC Taiwan 18 Oil cup Xinrong China
1.Pre-consultation: provides professional SMT solutions for the full line.
2.Factory Warranty: One-year warranty factory service.
3.Installation: On-site installation and commissioning, to ensure smooth production
4. Technical Training: provides professional training from Level 1 to Level 3
5.Technical support:provides 7*24 technical support
6.Software Upgrade: offers lifetime free software upgrades for all products 8 Heating Zone Relow Oven Made in China


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