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Cleantech A5 Compact battery powered scrubber dryer
Product Description
Highly mobile compact scrubber / dryer that can be used on any hard surface. 24V battery system with onboard charger means the machine can go anywhere without trailing cables. Large 60Ltr capacity solution and 65L recovery tanks, maintenance-free batteries and onboard charger. 24V Battery System 510mm Scrubbing Width 1750m²/hr Cleaning' No Tool' Brush System for Effortless Attachment Product contents: Scrubber Dryer with batteries, onboard charger, scrubbing brush and break-away squeegee.
If do not need DC battery supply, also can supply with AC version, see more specification below.
Product Specifications:

Product Details
1, High performance and productivity in cleaning routine
The ergonomic design is compact and durable
2, Easy and confidence to operate
Simple operator interface and Wider handle
3, Parabolic squeegee ensure excellent water recovery
Break away squeegee design
4, Quick no-tool squeegee blade changes,  simple and easy
Blades can be used on four sides
Easy access to internal components
Inventive design
Fast and simple maintenances
5, Easy clean the recover tank
Unique large cover design
6, Eliminating potential damage to walls or shelving,  and no splash
Rugged plastic brush cover and floating brush skirt
7, Adjustable water flow  to match different needs
A-5 scrubber has manual valve and solenoid valvebuy discount Scrubber Dryer

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