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The rectangle raised planters also can used for guardrail of the bridge. Look at this item, our aluminum alloy planter boxes, on the large bridge in the city which make the city green and modern.
Aluminum alloy
Size: 120cm Lx40cm W x40cm H
Introduction of aluminum alloy flower box
1, the use of the aluminum alloy profiles using the most advanced thermal transfer technology, aluminum alloy profile of the wood grain clear, lifelike, can be printed out a variety of wood patterns
2, aluminum alloy density is low, but high strength, close to or over high-quality steel, plastic good, machinable into a variety of profiles, with excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, widely used in industry, the use of the quantity second only to steels;
3, aluminum alloy flower box with color, lifelike texture, rugged and durable, maintenance-free, theft and other advantages, and natural ecological environment with very harmonious.
Aluminum alloy flower box, to natural lifelike performance, to the cultural Square, park, the community to add a strong artistic atmosphere
4, because the Aluminum Taiwan gold with durable more official processing, design a variety of, price concessions, is the main material processing flower box, but because the general solid wood in the outdoor, paint off, in order to better protect the environment, aluminum alloy materials as outdoor flower box production
5, Aluminum alloy flower box landscape products can not only meet the garden registration facilities or outdoor leisure supplies practical functions can also beautify the environment won the user's favorite.
Bridge guardrail It is used to protect the safety of people and vehicles, to prevent the fall or collision of an essential safety measures, but also with pedestrians closer to the part, the shape of the beam guardrail design will directly affect the beauty of the bridge. The height of the railing can be determined according to the distance of the bridge surface, the general clearance distance of more than three meters, the handrail is about one meter, when the clearance distance is less than three meters, can be appropriate to reduce the height of the railing. For the relatively wide deck, with a split-lane bridge, the height of the railing and the size of the end can be slightly larger to increase the sense of stability of the bridge railings. Second, the style of diversity and unity. Now the design of the bridge railings to the simple and lively style mainly, but the composition of the railings in the shape of the pattern can be flexible, so that can avoid monotonous, but also to maintain the harmony of the railings, do not affect the main bridge.Rail Flower Boxes suppliers


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