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  1. Product features: 1. Ergonomic design with antislip handle. 2. Micro computer control system with the feature of self- pressure inspecting, double protection during operation, counting and realize the exchange between computer with data by the converter. 3. High performance Li-ion battery to provide stronger power source, no discharge memory effects, one time charge 300 times can be effective for crimping. 4. LED light make your working comfortable in dark environment. Product description: Ez-1550 pipe press tools were designed to help plumbers to conduct fast and reliable crimping work on their pipeline. With a stronger and stable hydraulic system and proper engineered pressing jaw. EZ-1528 pipe press tools can join copper, stainless steel, PEX and multilayer fittings safely and efficiently. For every plumber who dreamed of having a high quality and cost-effective tool . ZUPPER is your best choice. Crimping force32KN Stroke40mm Rated working pressure52Mpa Crimp/charge:350 times(DN 20 stainless steel pipe) Pison:40mm Working temperature:-10℃ -40℃ Battery:18V 3.0Ah Li-ion Charger:AC100~ 240V, 50~60HZ Charging time:2 hours ACCESSORIES: Battery:2pcs Charger:1pc Sealing ring of cylinder:1 set Sealing ring of safety valve:1set Pressing jaw:Stainless steel and copper pipe:M type V type XPAP pipe: TH& U type Gas pipe: P type 16,20,25,32,40,50mmbulk Battery Pressing Tool website:http://www.cnzupper.com/pipe-tool/battery-pressing-tool/
  2. Introduction YBW1240 Type Printing& UV Glazing Machine for PVC door frame 1. Performance: ◎ We design this printing line before 10years ago, it is special used for printing wooden grain design and coating UV lacquer on the curved surface of door frame. Just it has requirement for curved surface, the R≦10, it’s better to confirm us the drawing before you make molds. ◎ Normally it prints one color design because it’s hard to match two-colors designs for curved surface. So the extruded door frame always have color which similar to design color, then it looks more vivid. ◎ It can print top surface and both sides of surfaces at one time. 2. Technical parameter of YBW1240 Max printing width240mm printing speed0~30m/min Ink& Lacquer type(solvent-based)Printing ink & UV varnish Printing thickness3~80mm Heating power3kw by IR lamps Transmission power0.75kw/unit UV curing power5kw*3=15kw Total power23.5kw Visual sizes(L*W*H)13500*1100*1650mm consumption of printing ink6~10g/m2 consumption of UV varnish8~12g/m2 or 15-35g/m2 Painting colorGrey+blue Flow chart of YBW1240 3. Basic assembly of YBW1240 3.1) Conveying unit to feeding in door frame into printing line 1. It adopts cold rolled steel plate to make structure of this unit. 2. It adopts green conveying belt to transmit. 3. It adopts seamless steel pipe (45# steel shaft in the core) to make conveying roller. 3.2) Design Printing unit to printing design on the top surface 1. It adopts channel steel to make base plate and universal wheel to move conveniently. 2. It adopts Q235 steel board to make mainframe and printing wallboard. 3. The conveying roller and press roller adopt seamless steel pipe(45#steel shaft in the middle) wrapped NBR to make. 4. The printing rubber roller is made of seamless steel pipe(45#steel core) wrapped with PU rubber. 5. It adopts seamless steel pipe to make printing design roller. 6. It adopts 45# steel to make base plate of rollers. 7. It adopts handwheel to control the clutch of printing rubber roller. 8. It adopts stainless steel board to make ink tray and liquid v-tank. 9. It adopts pneumatic double diaphragm pump to furnish ink. 3.3) Printing unit for side to printing design on the both sides of door frame 1. The frame of this unit is made of channel steel. 2. It adopts seamless steel pipe(45# steel core ) to make conveying roller. 3. The printing rubber roller is made of seamless steel pipe(45#steel core) wrapped with PU rubber, it controlled by its own motor(60w). 4. It adopts 45# steel to make base plate of rollers. 5. It adopts handwheel to control the clutch of metric roller. 6. It adopts pneumatic double diaphragm pump to furnish printing oil. 3.4) Glazing unit to coating UV lacquer on the top surface It adopts chainwheel(45#) to drive conveying roller and glazing PU roller and the cycloid speed reducing motor as drive motor, the power is 0.75kw and the speed is controlled by Frequency Conversion. 3.5) Glazing unit for side to coating UV lacquer on the both sides of frame 1. The frame of this unit is made of channel steel. 2. It adopts seamless steel pipe(45# steel core ) to make conveying roller. 3. The glazing rubber roller is made of seamless steel pipe(45#steel core) wrapped with PU rubber, it controlled by its own motor(60w). 4. It adopts seamless steel pipe(45# steel core shaft) and finished by chrome-plated to make metric roller. 5. It adopts 45# steel to make base plate of rollers. 6. It adopts handwheel to control the clutch of metric roller. 7. It adopts pneumatic double diaphragm pump to furnish glazing oil. 3.6) Heating & flattening unit to melting UV lacquer, make UV lacquer spread even on the frame then make some solvent from UV lacquer volatilized 1. The frame of this unit is made of cold rolled steel plate. 2. It adopts green conveying belt to transmit. 3. It adopts seamless steel pipe(45# steel core ) to make conveying roller. 4. It adopts 1.5mm thickness cold rolled steel board to make heating oven and heating power is 2.4kw. 5. The drive device is chain wheel (made by 45# steel ). 3.7) UV curing unit to drying UV lacquer from top and both sides 1. It adopts 8# channel steel to make frame and universal wheel to move conveniently. 2. The conveying roller adopt seamless steel pipe(45#steel shaft in the middle) to make and transmit by stainless netlike strap. 3. It adopts 2mm cold rolled steel plate to make solidified container; ventilating fan to vent (0.75kw); 3pc of 5kw UV lamp with its 5kw transformer for curing UV lacquer by 3surfaces. 4. The drive device is chain wheel (made by 45# steel) and the cycloid speed reducing motor as drive motor, the power is 0.75kw and the speed is controlled by Frequency Conversion.Printing Machine manufacturers website:http://www.cnyudajixie.com/printing-machine/
  3. Our History Cixi Yuanheng Package Container Co., Ltd, a manufacturer in China since 1991, specializes in designing and producing different kinds of packing products for cosmetics, including glass lotion bottles, jars, PET bottles. we also can supply caps, pumps and other related products. We have separate standard workshops for further processing, such as silk printing, color coating, frosted, hot stamping, transfer pictures, flocking coating, soft touch coating and so on, which meet the different needs of customers. We are supplying glass bottles of over 1000 items, we are doing our best to be meet with worldwide customer’s needs through the efforts of improving quality glass bottle. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, North America, and Africa. We could provide good services for products design, mold design, glass forming and decorations. Our Factory After over 20 years of dedication and meticulous planning, we have built up a standard system to control our factory. What counts is now we own a 10,000 m2 dust-free workshop with 4 automatic spraying and painting lines, 11 stamping machines, 30 screen printers and 6 automatic packaging lines. Producing 20,000 units per day is the basic capacity. Our Product Cream jars / lotion glass bottles/ eye shadow bottles / Pet Bottles. Why choose us ? 1.Lotion bottle of top-grade material. 2.High quality and cost-effective price. 3.Lotion bottle with different capacities,various high quality caps,elegant appearance and reasonable price. 4.Different colors and sizes avilable. 5.We have excellent ability to process products with frosty,silk screen,color spray-painting hot stamping and so on. 6.Over 10 3-year experienced engineers for after service. Product Application Cosmetic packaging Our Certificate We have excellent quality and service, especially the evaluation center for products process, bottles and cap. In 2009, our company has passed the certification of ISO900, SGS which can be a good evidence. SGS ISO9001 SGS Production Equipment Research Testing Production Market Our service Cooperation Brand30g mason jars manufacturers website:http://www.cn-yuanheng.com/ website2:http://www.cosmeticspackagings.com/
  4. As a designing, R&D, technology - based company, Guangzhou Kaixin Rubber Goods Co., Ltd is specialized in developing and manufacturing outstanding Biodegradable Yoga Mat and sport products, to meet the different markets.We have our own factory and We have been in this field for 8 years. Kaixin Rubber Goods Company is located in a beautiful city-GUANGZHOU. Our factory has perfect supporting service by setting departure of designing, producing, heat transfer printing, Packing, ect. So it not only can reduce production cost, improve delivery time and save purchasing cost for customer, but also control every step of production and make sure efficient and stable in manufactureing. Kaixin Rubber goods company includes following products: 1. Eco-friendly TPE yoga mat 2. Anti slip Natural Rubber mat 3. High quality yoga wheel 4. Environmental Yoga towel Owing to its superior quality and reasonable price, our customized yoga mat has met with a warm reception and quick sale in Asian and Europe countries Like Korea,Malaysia,Vietnam, Germany, US etc. So many customer receive our high quality also know that this is Made in China. Our mission is to let more customers satisfied our mat products and becoming a best supplier in this industry. At the CHINA INTERNATIONAL SPORTING GOODS SHOW exhibition, many customer know our factory is manufacturing mats in CHINA. They also take other customer to visit our products. We are pround to let you know our company superiority in this filed. I hope our products will help you develop in the long run and occupy the market priority position. We surly will be your best manufacturer in webbing. Portable Yoga Mat website:http://www.cn-yogamat.com/
  5. Our History Founded in 2007, Jiangsu Xingxin Separation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, retailer and service provider of filter press and environmental protection equipment as well as an integrator in installation and design concerning environmental protection engineering developed depending on modern technology and innovation. Our Product During the years of development, Xingxin filter press has gradually built up its leading role in technology, quality and after-sales service of filter press field in China. In order to guarantee the product quality, Xingxing is continuously improving its adaptation to different markets, and produces all parts and components, with exception of standard parts, hydraulic components and electrical components. Product Application The quality of "Xingxin" filter press has reached the leading level among domestic similar products. Among its products, the compounded rubber full-sealing membrane plate filter press fills a domestic gap in this field and obtains the national invention patent; the polypropylene high-pressure membrane filter plate, high pressure resistant PPR filter plate and other products have been in a dominant position in this field of domestic China. The high-pressure belt booster pump feeding filter press developed jointly with CAS, and the sludge drying & dewatering engineering developed jointly with Fudan University together fill a domestic gap in this field. Our Certificate Xingxin Brand has become the famous brand with the titles of China Quality Top 500 and China Top 10 Enterprises in Filter Press Industry, and the filter presses manufactured by Xingxin have been granted Jiangsu Provincial Award for Science and Technology Achievement, Jiangsu Provincial Award for the Best Products, Famous-brand Products in China's Market, National 3.15 Integrity Award and China's Environmental Protection Top 100 Enterprises. Production Market The market network of Xingxin has covered more than 100 countries, provinces, cities and autonomous regions, including Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia, Indonesia and China. Our Service The company lays emphasis on product quality and technology innovation, as well as marketing and services, providing more complete and perfect filtration and separation technologies and services for global solid-liquid separation customers. We pursue: better quality, reasonable price and quick services. Our purpose: manufacture products meticulously, treat customers sincerely, and doing business attentively. Address: No.3 Huanxi Road, East Industrial Park, Taixing City, Jiangsu Tel.: 0523-87688798 Fax: 0523-87690789China Filter Plate website:http://www.cn-ylj.com/
  6. Tattoo Arm RestLow price Tattoo Accessories website:http://www.cnyilongtattoos.com/tattoo-accessories/
  7. Suzhou Xin Sen Precision Casting Co.,Ltd was founded in June, 2011 with registered capital of $80,0000. It covers an area of over 5000 square meters and has a staff of over 80 people as well as experienced technicians, advanced production equipment and superb skills, specializing in the development, production, fine machining and sale of various castings. Manufacture Technology The company adopts advanced international precision casting technique, silica sol investment casting, and produces all kinds of precision castings made of high quality stainless steel, carbon steel, and low alloy steel. The company can develop moulds independently and has its own processing and surface treatment technique. It can meet different demands of customers with an annual outcome of castings up to more than 800 tons and casting equipment capacity up to 1200 tons, Products The company mainly produces sanitary grade fluid pump valves, heat exchange burners, medical devices, aviation accessories, marine and locomotive fittings, hardware components like high precision textile machinery and sewing equipment, various pump valves, impeller and pipe fittings, etc. So far the company has already produced goods of over 1000 different specifications, and materials up to 50 kinds, which live up to the standards of GB (national standard), ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials), AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute), DIN(German standard), JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) or BS (British Standard), etc. We can manufacture goods either in accordance to drawings or according to samples, with little machining allowance, short production cycle, and high efficiency, meeting customers' requirements of different levels of product quality and performance. Qualifications With independent import and export operation rights, 80% of the goods produced by our company are exported directly to America, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and many other countries and regions. Now the company has obtained ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949:2009 system certifications. Business Philosophy The company has excellent and tough operation teams composed of various talents, displays a mixed style of elasticity, discipline, and creativity, and adheres to a philosophy of " customer first, reputation first, mutual benefit and common prosperity." The company sticks to high quality, constantly pursues outstanding performance, provides a space for self-growth, and ensures enterprise vitality so that its business can go on and on and rewards the society actively. Operation Targets Despite the fierce competition in the casting industry, we aim to "provide high-quality and competitive goods to both domestic and foreign customers within the shortest time and become their preferred suppliers and permanent partners", which will lead New Sen to be more creative and develop more rapidly.Wiper Casting website:http://www.cnxsjmss.com/
  8. 1. Animal slippers ladies indoor shoes soft shoes white color 2. China customized pink animal slippers 3. High quality material winter warm indoor slippers with bows 4. Professional manufacturer winter popular slippers for adults 5. Cute design winter animals 6. Clippers for ladies and men 7. All kinds of plush slippers available 8. Sheep design cute soft plush animal slippers indoor shoes 9. Hot sale custom winter animal slippers 10. Indoor soft material 2017 fashion design 11. Winter animal shaped slipper super cute pink duck 11. Super soft brown men slipper 12. Lovely slipper winter animal women slippersplush home and giftware website:http://www.cnxinzhan.com/home-plush/
  9. Welcome to Xinli Machinery website, for any your needs of high quality China or Jiangsu high middle pressure hose, NSF, ISO14001, ISO16949 and TS16949, please feel free to contact us. High pressure hose resin with nylon materials for inner tube, polyurethane for outer layer, polyester fiber reinforced layer, has good oil resistance and chemical resistance;It has rich elasticity, can withstand multiple bending and the change of temperature and pressure in hydraulic system.High Middle Pressure Hose factory website:http://www.cn-xinli.com/high-middle-pressure-hose/
  10. The high concentrated organic liquid fertilizer supplier and manufacturer for phosphite fertilizer, humic acid fertilizer, amino acid fertilizer, seaweed acid fertilizer, chitosan fertilizer, wood vinegar fertilizer, biostimulation fertilizer and so on. Our History Qingdao Re-green Biological Technology Co., Ltd, which is located Qingdao city. And our factory is located in Binzhou city of Shandong Province, which belongs to the Bohai Sea economic development zone. Our Factory Our factory is located in the Bohai Sea economic development zone, which occupies more than 100 acres, and has 5,000 square meters production workshop. Our factory independently designed and installed high-concentration liquid fertilizer production line with an annual output of 100,000 tons, and has advanced automatic liquid fertilizer filling line and laboratory testing equipment, high-level R & D personnel 10 people. Our Product Our core products are the liquid fertilizer for Phosphorus Calcium Zinc Solution, Potassium Phosphite Solution, Potassium Polyphosphate Solution, Ammonium Phosphite Solution, Calcium Phosphite Solution, Urea Phosphite Solution, Magnesium Phosphite Solution, Zinc Phosphite Solution, Amino Acid Solution and Potassium Polyphosphate Solution, Taurine Peptide Solution, Sugar Alcohol Calcium Solution, Calcium Boron Solution and so on. Product Application Our liquid fertilizers are mainly used to foliar spray, fertigation, drip irrigation, soil condition for fruit trees, vegetables and crops. Our Certificate SGS,ISO Production Equipment Our factory have the high-concentration liquid fertilizer production line with an annual output of 100,000 tons Production Market Our products are widely exported to the United States, Israel, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Jordan, Iran, India, Pakistan, more than 40 countries. We have won wide acclaim from domestic and foreign customers by supplying advanced product quality and service. Our service We provide pre-sale, sales of agricultural technical guidance, after-sale quality assurance and application services.Water Soluble Fertilizer suppliers website:http://www.cnwsfertilizer.com/